ANCHORGetting started

In order to get started writing your first DerbyJS app, you need to have Node.js and MongoDB installed. While DerbyJS is written to support any database, the MongoDB adapter is the most complete. If you don't have those, get setup!

ANCHORRun examples

There are several examples in the derby-examples repository. You can clone the repo and install:

git clone
cd derby-examples
npm install

You can run each of the examples from their own directories:

cd ~/derby-examples/directory
node server.js

The examples written in CoffeeScript are meant to be run via the coffee command:

npm install -g coffeescript
cd ~/derby-examples/sink


Be sure to check out the Docs to get a deeper understanding of how DerbyJS makes developing apps easier! See more links in the Resources section.


For Derby you need:

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